dizzying development relates to crisis

unconditional faith in objective reality

we see Earth from space

yet modern science

exhausts its potential

becomes a source of disintegration and doubt

state of schizophrenia

our ancestors

knew something more essential

something that escapes us

we seem to fail to grasp the spirit,

purpose, and meaning

we find ourselves in a paradoxical situation

everything possible and almost nothing certain

end of era of rationalism is catastrophic

an abyss exists between

rational and spiritual, external and internal,

objective and subjective, technical and moral

universal and unique

we cling to our superstitions under the mask

of entertainment

various tribal cults are at war with one another

complete collapse of colonial hegemony

is yet to be fully realized

new world order equals old world values

respect for unique human being and liberties,

inalienable rights and all power derives from the people

until there is no longer any first-class and second-class citizens of any nation

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