dog fight

Dogs and cats

It was bound to happen. And I’ll be damned if I ever thought it would be like it was. We were out in the front yard, Mark, B and I. The dog was in the house, looking out at us through the baby gate. The side door leading to the deck was open to let the air pass through the house. It was a beautiful day. Without a doubt the warmest since last summer, about 70’s and sunny with a swift breeze.

We were out front, PBR in hand when suddenly B heard a noise and she yelled “Peta!” We all jumped, turned and ran towards the back yard. B was first through the gate screaming at the dog in a voice that I’ve never heard before coming from her. Part fear, part agony and utterly shocked. Mark was next and then I, bolting through behind them. By the fence, behind the fig, Peta had Squid pinned to the ground and it looked like she was biting her belly. For her part, Squid did well; she was swatting her face with admirable ferocity. As B got closer Peta let go, Squid sprinted towards the back fence and climbed the tree, Peta in tow and Mark right behind. I was stunned. I knew she hated cats, and I never wanted to see if she would really do it. Today she almost killed one.

Somehow we were able to get Squid out of the tree. He put her down on the ground and she sprinted back onto another tree, grabbed hold of the top of the fence and dropped into the neighbors yard. I was afraid and Mark was not happy. I came back into the house to check on Peta. Her face was all scratched and bleeding. She looked amazingly guilty. There’s no doubt in my mind that she new she’d done a real bad thing.

Mark went to his side of the house and I skulked back to ours. We didn’t know what to do. What if the cat went somewhere to die? What if it came back with massive injuries? It could easily cost a couple of grand at the vet.

After a few hours I heard some scrambling over by the bike shed where Squid sometimes rests. I walked out to check it out and there she was -frightened for sure. Mark came out with some half and half and coaxed her back into the house. We checked her and she seems fine. He rubbed her belly and sides to see if she would cry. Not a peep. She’s definitely spooked though and I still feel like a bad parent.

So what am I supposed to do? She’s a dog, a vicious silly dog.

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Marina said...

I'm glad to see that P is ok and the Squid is ok and back at the house. You have some great photos of P.