New moon and the dog is still sick. Mussta been somefin she et. I don't know. But she shure as hell don't feel good. You should-ah see her with her ears drawn down like a sad, sad character. Her belly is all growls and when she's gotta go again she starts a tremblin. Boy I sure do feel sorry fer her. Hope she gets' ta feelin better soon 'cause I's startin to worry myself.

Update: 10-11-06

She's gettin old. That's the bottom line here. The iron stomach is no more. Gotta be careful with her diet. Still lookin really sad today, although the vet gave her a shot and a couple of prescriptions. Not good writing material but it makes me sad. They grow old in front of you and it only serves to remind me that I too will go through these stages, and probably without P to keep me company.

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Prophet said...

Maybe he needs some Spork.