Kung Fu Film

Kung Fu

is whirling and flying through the air like so many knives inna French circus flying though the air like birds in the spring,
mainly small birds in the spring
You too could see it, be there huh
amalgamation is our way these days
when the tough get going their gone
but didn’t you see it coming inna first place?
Birds fly a lot in spring
little ones, brown usually
the dog sniffs every sprig of grass growing on sidewalks We walk on -while on the screen Kung Fu man Yim
is no master no more
He’s been defeated, it’s still raining

Kung Fu flick in spring, like so many knives flying
like birds in the trees, the cherries bloom
cotton candy lined streets where dogs walk on sidewalks
lined with petals while birds sing
in the morning spring
still some rain so kung fu flicks
at night, when fat water drops drip
dogs tail wags and beats wood floor in sleep
drop, spin, bounce and kick
my style is not so good master will you teach me?
like master like student there is contract in between
no amalgamation here -seen
‘cause there must be separation like fall from winter
winter from spring and summer again

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