Today they found a guy out back who’d been stabbed, no more information. Alarm bells went off, “lock-in!” The first person who came on the scene of the crime, a brown man from south of the border, was arrested and ruffed up. He won’t be pressing charges or suing the police for profiling. He is undocumented. We were in “lock-in” ‘till the alarm was cancelled. The kids wanted to know why and who? We are all silent.


"A Portland man is in serious condition at Hospital Thursday morning after being stabbed near Northeast ______Street, according to a Portland Police Bureau spokesman. The victim was bleeding from a stabbing wound when police were called for a medical call at...

He was conscious, but incoherent, Dolbey said.

The victim's stab wounds are serious, but not life-threatening, he said.

Officers followed his trail of blood back to a home at N.E. _______, where they surrounded the house and interviewed witnesses, he said. Dolbey said the victim was uncooperative and police had sought the assistance of an interpreter at the hospital.

______ Elementary School, located at N.E. _________, was in lockdown for several hours during the investigation. It has since re-opened."

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