Does anyone believe it anymore, that we are there for a real solid purpose? Who’s to say anyway, so much other more important stuff going on for most as it is? The other day the guy at the grocery store got a real bug up his ass and began to give me hell ‘cause my I.D. looks a little ragged. He told me the law while he scanned my items. In turn I smiled and nodded a lot. He never got a glimpse of my annoyance; I wouldn’t allow him his pathetic power trip. But who would believe it anyway?

I mean, not even the papers believe it anymore. I remember sitting in Tony’s watching the news back then, a real fanfare they had going. It’s as if they hired one of those fancy advertising outfits in New York or San Francisco. There were logos and theme music and it was really serious with bright colors and three hundred thousand frames per second. You couldn’t ignore it back then. It was like a Florida summer at dusk outside, with dive-bombing mosquitoes trying as hard as they can to end you.

And to hear them now, no recanting -no I admit, but there is a serious lack of subtlety in their skirting of the unavoidable truth. Will it take 50 years to declassify as it has in the past? Will the cronies resign and retire to watch along with the rest of us? Someone else will take over the obvious changes in policy and get all the credit. It’s all in order, the new hero, the new plan, the new fucking deal. I only wish we cared more.

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Prophet said...

What can I say? You're absolutely right. As for people who care and want to, visit my blog. beefpiegod.blogspot.com. I'm trying to make a difference too.