World Cup 2006

and the effects of Post Colonialism

It just makes me wonder you know, what kind of effects post colonialism has had on futbol teams from Africa and even the Caribbean?

Most of the Latin American countries have been free from colonialism much longer than say Trinidad (1962) or Ghana (1957). I’m sure that V.S. Naipaul would have a few words about this subject. The point is that it seems to me that both of these teams played really well but lacked the confidence (or maybe arrogance) of teams like England or Germany or Portugal. Sure, most folks would say that these teams should feel lucky to reach this far in the cup, but the lack of confidence could be seen in the Ghanaian team when approaching the goalie. However, in defense or even in mid-field play they controlled the game with a passion and technique clearly visible even to Brazil who defeated them today.

Just a thought.

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