katana sharp

Well, well, well. It’s a sunny morning inna Halifax. Today marks one week since our arrival. Fully moved in now, all that remains is the elusive meaningful job. Ah, to not have to work and be free to explore ones' self. I mean think about it, if you really wanted to transform yourself say from, your current and uninspiring existence, to a sharp katana –a well balanced, physically strong and beautiful being, what is it that you most need?

Time. I have plenty of time on my hands now. Time to reflect? No. Reflection time is finished for now. It is time for action. There are two types of people (don’t you love this cliché?), those who live and those who watch others live. I am not a watcher again.

So what’s next you might ask? I have made a daily exercise schedule based solely on calisthenics and running complete with a log of reps and sets. In six weeks I’ll compile the totals and post them to see the hard numbers.

I have been doing push ups for quite some time, but now I am incorporating more core exercises to strengthen all around. I have also been running three to four days a week since the beginning of August. It’s amazing how quickly my endurance has increased. When I first started running with Markus in Seattle it hurt, it didn’t feel good or fun. But now the pain is gone and all the pain that is left is the pushing yourself pain, which is really what you want.

Yesterday morning I went down to Point Pleasant park on the harbor. There are lots of trails and it’s a perfect place to run. But tragedy struck, I rolled my left ankle on a rock and now it looks like a golf ball is under my skin. It’s really just a minor sprain, one week off and I’ll be ready to hit the trails again. My bikes arrived yesterday so I’ll have to do some hill climbing to ensure that I don’t fall too far behind.

Gone again.

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