Yellow Fish

The time has come to reach out to you my dear readers. As you know I am currently jobless, and have been using my time to both look for work and continue in my journey towards self-realization. Whether it be doing my calisthenics, going for bike rides, or writing, I am trying to be in-action if you will, as opposed to standing idly by wishing for a cloud of inspiration to rain down on me head top.

So what is this help I am asking for, or rather groveling for? Well it is quite simple really. I am in dire need of a new fish. Yes, a new yellow fish. You see one of the few things that I have ever given 100% of myself to in life is surfing. And as silly as this may be, I have found the perfect quote from one of surfings' iconoclastic characters for my defense.

Jerry Lopez, a self proclaimed Buddhist, when asked how he reconciled such an inherently selfish pursuit replied: “from the outside, especially for people who don’t surf, surfing does appear, and is very selfish…” then he talks about self-realization and how he “started to realize that those moments when you were completely focused on riding a wave are actually kind of spiritual…”

No, I am not asking you to help me on a spiritual quest. I am only attempting to demonstrate, foolishly I might add, what so many other people who surf have tried to do. -That surfing is not something that we do simply as a sport or leisurely activity, it is something that we do because we have to, because it makes our lives more meaningful.

“So what is this guy asking for anyway damit?”

Well it’s simple. A small monetary donation will go a long way towards getting my new yellow fish and continuing in my pursuit for self-realization. If you wish to contribute to my cause just send me an email. If you think this is a cheap and low-ball way for me to get a new surfboard, well then you may be right. But at least you got a good chuckle out of it.

p.s. your donation will also help support the efforts of a true north American craftsman who has devoted his entire life to his art, making surfboards (not a lucrative career choice).

p.p.s. ohh and I forgot to mention, my birthday is in October.

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Prophet said...

Dear Ras,
The Sporkists would most definitely love to contribute to your journey for self-realization; however, running our religion on money is something that we do not believe in, like Christianity - so therefore all we can offer you is warm wishes and philosophical support. Good luck.