Emergency on Planet Earth

We believe the stuff in the news about Madonna and her adoption woes, and we believed that there were WMD in Iraq. So why don’t we believe in global warming?

A new study released by the UK today suggests that we will witness Sci-Fi style chaos in our own lifetimes if we don’t take global action to curb our greenhouse gases.

Can you imagine yourself as Mad Max? I don’t even wanna. --Build an ark?

Click here to read the complete article in the BBC News.

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pushingtide said...

Reminds me of a classic rootsy Itals toon....

Me waan, me waan, me waan, say me waan justice
Me waan, me waan, me waan, tell them that me waan justice

See when some people do wrong
They got to stand the penalty
Yet when some men out there do their wrongs
Dem take money and buy out it

How long shall the wicked reign over I people
The Lion, Lion of Judah shall break every chain
Woe unto the one who the offend coming from
Now that our weakness has become strong

Say me waan, me waan, me waan, yes me waan justice
So long ago I say, me waan, me waan, tell them that
me waan justice, oh yeah

I've seen sufferation and I've seen starvation
Only one thing can stand continually - salvation, salvation
The rockin' reggae vibration

Yes me waan, me waan, me tell them that me waan justice. .