animal chin bans this good music

If you’re reading this blog, and don’t know me personally, I can guess that you’re from my generation. Ray Barbee and Tommy Guerrero were my heroes in a way when I was struggling through high school. My first ever new skateboard way a Ray Barbee model.

The first skate video I remember was The Search for Animal Chin featuring Tommy Guerrero.

Both of these guys have become excellent musicians. I encourage any of you who don’t already know them to check ‘em out. If Kerouac was around today he would listen to these cats while drinking port and smoking spliffs.

Surf Report: 4.9’ @ 6 secs. -onshore winds up to 23 knots… hoping the wind will shift on Sunday and can paddle out on Chuck’s longboard.

I love surfing!


The bouy reads 11.8' at 10 secs. The wind switched to WSW, might be good at a certain sheltered right point. Gotta go get in the water.


Steve Cabellero said...

Where are we gonna go next?

Lance Mountain said...


Mike McGill said...

Dude, we just went to Wallows!