D$'s new ride

Peep D$'s new stringerless-vacuum bagged-eps/epoxy stick -6'4" high performance shortboard. It's completely hand made too. 70% less volatile organic compounds released into the shapers and glassers lungs, not to mention mother's earths (over a poly).

Good for today's waves down in Brevard County. Who says Florida don't get good?

photo from today's wave report at www.2ndlight.com


lawless said...

Said it before and I'll say it again, 'nuf raspect for hitting it in a 6/4/hood/gloves/booties when it's snowboarding weather outside. Went from baggies to a full-suit this week and it sucks. Wasn't good enough to warrant getting the new 6'4" wet, so I kept trying out the new bat tail quad. Insanely fast and sick, although I cracked the rail today at RC's with my forearm. Hope Tom isn't pissed that I added another ding to his loaner...

6/4/4 glass jobs are crap. This board is 2 months old and it's done. I've just about put the one of the FCS plugs through the deck and it looks like a golf ball already.

Foul said...

what are the other dims on that board.

lawless said...

Stinky P,
L/W/T are 6'4" x 18 3/4" x 2 1/4"

I'm not sure of the nose and tail widths, I just gave him the length and the overall width I was looking for and let the nose and tail fall where they may with this outline template.

I'll try and measure the nose and tail widths tomorrow though.