Ku Yah man. What is your new year's resolution?

I am going to surf more, drink less and eat well. These are the things which have made me the happiest in the last few months. Two weeks in between Florida and New York allowed me to be as slack with my resolve as I ever could be. B and her sis and I drank and acted foolish with several groups of people including my great family, D$ and his posse, as well as sister's boys in Brooklyn. We skinned a pig, surfed sharky waters with out our wetsuits in Florida December, drank PBR (finally), rode bikes, played bolas criollas, a.k.a. bocce, and generally enjoyed life.

All I need now is to get over this cold before the swell hits this weekend. D$ is shipping the Green Machine this week and it should arrive next week. Got two sets of fins for it. The first set are the MR style twins with a trailer fin. The second set are the Rusty Vector fins from Futures which are foiled on the inside and out. D$ says that they are "sick." Can't wait for a test drive.

ras with D$'s 5'10" quad -loose and fast.


pushingtide said...

keep your head up and your spliff lit.

have a massive year, seen?

ras said...

cheers to you me brejdren seen...