Sunday's Session

Maximum wave height 9'; average wave height 6' with an 11 second period. Air temperature 12.2 degrees Fahrenheit and water temperature at 37.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

The winds were howling at about 30 knots offshore blowing flurries into our eyes in the line up. Luckily the big bluff sheltered us from the wind somewhat. The waves were good and powerful too. Chuck was taking off outside on the big bombs, big bottom turn, set the rail and let the 9'6" glide down the line towards the rocky inside. High-T was also flying on his 6'2" quad on the fast peeling rights. We all had ice on or wetsuit visors.

My day was less inspired. The new board is hell to duck dive and I got sucked over the falls and thrashed a couple of times. It seemed a little hard to figure out the new Alligator board. Finally on my last wave I was able to get the feel of the control and speed that will be possible when get it dialed. A couple more frozen sessions and the Gator will conquer. But damn it was cold. You wouldn't believe how cold it was unless you were there.

On another note, I watched an Iggy Pop & The Stooges video with Mike Watt on bass. It was a show shot in Detroit a few years ago. Iggy is nuts and Mike Watt seems like he's not too far off either.


pushingtide said...

Stoked! At least you got it out in some power.

Saw Mike Watt in a very small club in Hermosa Beach about 7 years back. Amazing. And you are right, he is off.

Chum said...

Saw Watt play with the Stooges a few years ago at Coachella. Great gig. Love firehose too.

Chum said...

oh, and I bet you dial the new stick in faster that 10 sessions...