Porcupine Face

Had a secret swell session yesterday. The forecast didn't see it coming. Lucky for me, Hi-T's much better half saw some phat lines rolling in at the point on her way home. We were in the water by 4 p.m. Water temp is .1 Celsius (32 degrees F.). When you get a good solid flush of cold water inside your wetsuit hood you are suddenly stunned. It takes a few seconds to regain some sort of vital functions. The waves were good -head high with bigger sets and clean as you wanna be.

T and I enjoyed a few rare lefts at the right point. Luckily there was enough time in between sets that you didn't have to worry about getting pinned on the rocks in front of the headland. Chuck (aka Connor, aka Law Man, aka Dr. Longboard) was catching the nicy outside mackers and cruizin through to the inside. A snapped leash only sidelined him for about 15 minutes while he fetched another.

The photos below are from today's hike at Crescent Beach. It reminded me of Hawaii's Big Island, exept that instead of lava fields there were ice fields. Peta got into a porcupine den and got a mouth full of quills. Her lower lip looked like she was more punk rock than you. She had about 40 to 50 piercings. Walked about 8 miles and experienced Nova Scotia beauty at it's best.

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Anonymous said...

The lefts were lovely, the water was whicked. Gotta love those phantom sessions- where'd the waves come from?

High T