Weekend Session

We had an incredible weekend of surf. Surfed over three hours on Saturday night and almost four hours starting at 5:30am Sunday. The waves on Saturday were OK. On Sunday they were great. There were 5 of us in the water at first light, all friends, the waves were chest to head high with long glassy lines to be had a plenty. A guy paddled out on a longboard and I noticed it was a Tom Neilson shape. We got to talking and it turns out he's from Florida and not only knows Tom well but has been getting his boards shaped by Tom since the Quite Flite days. That's at least 10 to 12 years. Small world.

The best part of the session was the thick fog which obstructed the view of the line-up from the beach, effectively keeping the summer crowds from knowing how good it was.

Here are some photos from the weened from Baldiri.

Stuck in traffic at the Gay Parade

Too foggy to see the sets, gotta paddle out and check up close

Wish you were here.

Guiness keeping guard.


JP said...

Sweet little surf spot!

Mick said...

Fantastic Ras... it's days like that that make zero degrees in winter bearable..sort of.
Love the lobsters too.
Happy days mate.