Been stuck In Rainbows lately. Somehow they capture emotion without making it cheap.

Waves. They've been good. Saturday sunset overhead and sketch -fast, boils, the last migrating birds before the sun dipped behind Osborne.

Sunday morning sunrise. Muscles sore from the previous nights' beatings and high speed teeth gnashing. T an I rode our hearts out at one premier spot with no one else. We had special permission from the controller. He stroked by on his dugout and then disappeared behind the set of the day.

Tomorrow I'll sneak out of work after working enough to get it done and enjoy three hours of pre-darkness runs. Looks to be head high plus and the wind out of the north, softly feathering the tops and making the belly smooth like glass.

Sometimes I take myself too seriously. Tonight I won't.

and tomorrow I'll surf.

radiohead "bodysnatchers"


nm said...


Today I imagined I was open water swimming....50 meters at a time.

Anonymous said...

The last three days out may be the best surfing I've ever had. Glad I got to share two of 'em wit cha!!! We're so lucky, so lucky brother.

High T