oatmeal before ice

It's 6:30. One handful of oatmeal is doing its last simmering dance in the pot on the stove. The guy on the marine weather service this morning says that the significant wave height is 3 meters at 14 seconds and the water is 1.1 degrees Celsius. It's minus 6 degrees right now but there is a heavy west wind surely making it feel like minus 10. This will be my first surf in two weeks. Feeling fat and sluggish and a little uninspired. The cold water will make me feel alive again.


Daniel said...

Yowza! Sounds like you better make some coffee to!

eric said...

14 second wave period...hmmm sounds nice. oatmeal...also nice.

nm said...

Nuts! ....er....I mean...go get some!

Gazelle said...

Yeah, nuts! Big ones! Hope it was fun out there.