a thursday in the maritimes

Split work at noon to see if the small kine swell would materialize. Was dog sitting Guinness -met his pops, aka Black Spidey, at the beach. we checked a few spots and it looked quite small. the tide was too low, the swell too small. although it's been a bit warmer this week the water is still o.5 C. I paddled out in front of the headland to get wet and stretch my muscles.

Ever have one of those days when you pop up and dig a rail? I had one today. The last few sessions I've felt confident and strong in my abilities. Today was not like that. But it was such an amazing afternoon that all I could do was smile. How lucky are we? We get to enjoy our lives and pursue activities which have no material reward. For this I give thanks. As for my shitty surfing today -well I could do more pull ups and push ups.

all photos by RAS


nm said...

great shots!

R.T. said...

i need to breath some of that clean air.