got out today with the black spidey, who by the way is a new dad as of this weekend. the waves were head high and we were gifted a solo session at one of Nova Scotia's best right handers. although it may have been better down the way, having waves to yourself is a gift that you just can't take for granted. been riding the green machine as a twinnie lately to see how it works. it's fast but squirely, especially hard going backside. but lean low into bottom turns and it will speed around the sections and get you back out to the face for more down the line fun.

I've been on a you tube kick lately and I suppose most of you are quite savvy on it already. what I've been diggin up lately is reggae. when I lived inna Jamdown my friend marcus lived in a neighborhood in Mandeville called Greenvale. it was a ruff place. from this hilly gheto came Garnet Silk, hailed by some as the next Marley. He died prematurely while trying to save his mother from a fire in her house. they were found holding each other in the ashes. some believe his two brothers may have tried to kill him as they too were starting to make it in the music business.

for those growing up in Jamaica, life is no joke.


Malcolm Johnson said...

found in the ashes.

harsh way to go.

real real.

Patch said...

smooth sound... glad he left behind some of his music to share.