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I often refer to me brejren D$ here at Ku Yah! Ku Yah, by the way means "look here" in patois.

So Kuyah D$ on his 5'10" Neilson quad in some nasty overhead shorepound. Did I say he's 6'3"? Need a new board? Biofoam, EPS, stringerless, poly, a log with Volan glass, a rhino chaser for Puerto maybe if you got them skilz, then hit up Tom for a custom shape. He'll ship yer board for ya and you'll get to know how a true crafstman can drastically improve your surfing. neilsonsurfboards.wordpress.com


Daniel said...

Yowzaaaaaa! D$ is ripping.

Gazelle said...

I want a wave like that on my 5'10" fish - really bad.