Jim Hall don't surf

I surfed some clean and fast overhead waves yesterday at a special right hander. There were more than a few guys out, and a gal too sitting deep and charging the sets, but the vibe was good. I got a few solid ones and a couple of good turns. It was nice to take advantage of the first day of daylights savings for the evening session. Although being that it was a Sunday and the time change is arbitrary I guess that last comment really didn’t make much sense eh?

-got out at first light this morning too. Sucks sliding into a cold wetsuit when it’s minus 8 C. and the north wind is blowing flurries like summer dandelions. The waves were a bit small and the incoming tide was taking a bit of strength out of them. Still, I got some good ‘uns going left at a wedgy rocky bottom joint. But it’s back to work now and the wave analysis models are looking bleak for the next few days so I’m gonna do some research on Jim Hall. Below is nice clip of Sonny Rollins featuring Jim Hall. If I could only surf half as well as Jim can play guitar –oh man.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I would get used to it, but no way could I surf where you are unless I had a van with a killer heater in it to change into and out of my wetsuit. And I would have two or three suits so one would always be dry.

nm said...

Great clip!

After 3 weeks of dry-dock....Sunday found me sitting on Sonja, smiling in the sun.

Malcolm Johnson said...

nice clip...! i'm getting pulled more and more towards jazz these days. getting old i guess. or hip.

ras said...

getting old? hey malc is that a dig?

I don't know that listening to jazz is hip but it is "cool."

by the way, there's a really interesting essay on the use of the word cool over at Super X Media. http://superxmedia.com/412/cool.htm