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This one goes out to all the American surfer’s out there. Be sure to peep the latest issue of SBC Surf for a taste of Canadian surf culture. One stereotype that Canadians hold of Americans is that they know nothing about their northern neighbors. And as stereotypes go this is a pretty realistic one.

Enter SBC Surf, a surfing magazine with a Canadian perspective. Sure it’s not dissimilar to its American counterparts in the ads or layout. But in content it’s quite different. It’s less jaded and more introspective. All of the content is homegrown too. The editorial direction of the magazine allows for the exploration of other ideas besides tail slides and lacks the pretension that other publications have. The magazine is also published on recycled paper. The only downfall is that at this time it comes out just twice a year but that will hopefully change in the future. Don't fret.

Canadian surfers are committed like hell. It could be 10 degrees Fahrenheit with 30 to 40 knot winds and still crowded at some of the better points. Although the level of surfing across all surfers is not as high as it may be in San Diego or Brevard County, there’s a handful of guys here who surf as well as any ASP head – but with a 6x4 suit, 7mm mitts and booties, and plummeting body temperatures.

Today's conditions: 3 meters @ 10 seconds, wind WSW 21 knots. Going surfing!

photo credit:thefreshaspect.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...


What's your July weather like? Can you stand the water without the gear?


ras said...

not a chance in hell Jackson! july can be cold and foggy. a 4x3 (or really high quality 3x2) is the minimal requirement from about June to Septmeber and you'll need booties and sometimes gloves for much of this time as well. there maybe a day or two in august when guys skin it but it's rare and they don't stay out long.

Anonymous said...

Interesting ras. This post got me to thinking and... here is a link you might find interesting


Black Spidey

tee hee hee

Anonymous said...

Been looking for a copy of this mag and couldn't find it on the island when I was up there last. I can say I definitely don't fit into said American stereo type, but hey the PNW is the PNW. In fact I think the waters colder down here.

tres_arboles said...

A Canadian surf mag that's less pretentious than Surfer Mag? That's not exactly hard to pull off since anything in which Sam George is involved is pretentious by association!

Since I played Rugby in the BCRU for six seasons, I always thought I had a pretty good grasp of Canadians. They're sort of like Australians with milder accents and no tan. Hah! Robust, friendly, and damn competitive.

Cheers, brud'


Anonymous said...


By having to say you think the water is colder in Oregon than in Canada you proved you are the stereotypical American.

Black Spidey

Anonymous said...

Dooh I've been had. I know stereotypical (dumb) American : )


Anonymous said...

It's all cool my 'merican brother, just joshin'!

Live to surf, surf to live- wherever you may be.

Black Spidey

nm said...

I often wonder if the cold water in your neck of the woods is a legit excuse to bulk up....?

ras said...

Hey NM are ya calling me fat?

nm said...

Oh my god....NO!

To be honest.....I was thinking aloud. You know.....If I move to Nova Scotita to surf...could I finally eat? LOL!