DIY: Jerk Pork

Friend asked me in a an email how to make jerk pork so I thought I'd share what I know. The real thing is cooked over green Pimento (or Allspice) branches. We can't get those round here.

You need:

allspice aka pimento in Jamdown (must have)
ginger (fresh)
bunch green onions (must have)
garlic (must have)
hot peppers (you can get habaneros or thai chillis -if it ain't hot it ain't jerk)
black pepper
olive oil
lime juice
thyme (must have)

combine all -finally chopped or in a blender -stab the meat or make deep cuts with a knife - rub on the meat with your bare hands to make sure it gets everywhere - wash your hands well afterwards and especially before touching your face or taking a piss (trust me on this one, you don't wanna know) and let stand for at least over night.

BBQ slow and low -try not to let it char. Burnt meat is carcinogenic; don’t wanna add that to the sneaky tobacco and beers.

Tenderloin can be dry sometimes so you may consider not adding salt at all to the mix and putting on coarsely ground sea salt when it's almost done. Otherwise you could get some nice chops - fatty chops make for better jerk -or ribs too and chicken of course (dark meat).

If it's really hot then you know it's good. Get some Red Stripes from the LC to cool the heat.


Anonymous said...

Is the lack of allspice here why I have not yet been blessed with a feed of this glorious creation? We gotta get us sum!!!!


tres_arboles said...

Gotta stick with the habaneros; the little orange f*ckers. And I'd avoid the advice about using bare hands with those bitches. Use gloves...for real...use gloves or you'll be bummed. If you get the haba juice on the hands, wash with milk, not water, or that shit'll get in your nose, your eyes, and on your weenus.

For the drink-up, a "Dark and Stormy" is a nice change of pace from straight beers (although I've never said "no" to a Red Stripe).

Dark and Stormy:

Pour over ice in a pint glass, high ball, or tom collins glass.

1 part Dark Rum, (I like bacardi dark but you choose, I ain't prejudiced).

4 parts ginger beer (I can't find any at my store so I go with a 3 to 4 mix of any ol' lager and ginger ale).

Squeeze of fresh lime wedge.

Cool for the hot. Have a great weekend.