Act 1: Seaworthy

Seaworthy: Official Trailer from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.


Gazelle said...

That was NOT another boring surf film trailer. Thanks for posting.

tres_arboles said...

Can you tell I am catching up on my little segment of the blogosphere. Nothing like commenting on a week-old post.

So, why comment? Nice trailer. Unbelievable surfing, cool track. But (and it's a big BUT) am I the only one who could care less anymore about the surfing of Alex Knost and CJ Nelson?

Being "different" for different's sake is really just a form of comformity to me. Eyeliner and the "anti-style" styled longboard surfing are just getting a bit boring...to me. And again, I am probably alone in my opinion.


ras said...


I'm with you on the hipster surfer's being boring. I got realy turned off by Knost in his Hi-Shredability video talking about how his gas tank leaks and he could care less. we need less people like him these days.

Nathan Oldfield is an amazing filmmaker. check an interview with him on Phoresia.org