sliding magnets

“Mr. Travieso,
come and see me in my office”
I walk in, sit down
it’s sterile, dead-like
“you wanted to see me?”

“you didn’t slide your magnet to the
OUT position today at lunch.
Can you explain why?”

I’m dumbfounded

the magnet board is the keeper of order
the board is white and pristine
model of virtue
names ordered in magnetized strips
some of them have lady bug magnets
I have a red dot about ¾ inches in diameter
I slide the dot in the morning
I slide the dot when I leave
my office door is next to the magnet board

I walk into my office
there’s marker on my pressed shirt from
bumping into S. Jones
“lunch back @ 1” message
no one will know
when Jones is coming back

what do I do here?
where goes my time between magnet slides?
I could be sliding waves
slicing watermelon
building cabinets

“please make sure this doesn’t
happen again Mr. Travieso.
We must all obey the rules. That’s why we
have rules”

I leave for the day and
to slide my magnet
-red dot still in the IN

one less thing to do tomorrow


Marina said...

are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

I would definetly be sliding waves ,hitting tennis balls,or peddleing my bike,tomorrow,all while my red dot says in!! Corky p.s hows those cabinets coming?

David said...

Son, you better assimilate.

Today, it's the red dot, tomorrow shoplifting gum from then store and from there it on to heroine and hookers. It's a long slippery slope you're sliding down.

Best come correct, the rules ARE there for a reason.

fstopr said...

"Best come correct"!?

What the hell is that?!

Preacher heal thyself . . . and begin your first lesson with a Grammar refresher course!


pranaglider said...

the post was great

but I think I like the comments even more

ras said...

thanks Prana.

david is only talking from his own experience of the downward spiral. I should not associate with low lifes.

I think this little poem is quite funny though I've been told it's sad and cynical.

it is fictional but based in reality.

thanks for stoppin in fstopr!

yo Corky - one side is done and looks great. gotta demo the other side before I call you. any waves up your way?

Anonymous said...

I'm constantly wondering WTF some people are thinking. Although there is fair number of morons in the private sector most eventually find their niche "working" for public instutions.

Rolling my eyes followed by "don't you have work to do" work for me.


tres_arboles said...

There's a backlash coming to corporate culture, brother. It won't be televised but it sure will be YouTube-ized. Smirking.

David, Seattle