you may love your longboard

underground perpetrator and surf rat is caught with his pants down -well he does always wear his baggies low on the hip but-

here we see a rubish recepticle being adorned with one of our man of mystery's "dems' fightin words" stickers. it reads "you may (heart) your longboard but I don't"

now before you get your knickers inna twist remember that in surfing nothing is serious besides maybe...

...some guy on a rental Bic bailing his board on a waist high mush pile, smacking you across the face bursting your lip into so much steely crimson. Ask Blacks about that one. On second thought it's best not to trouble him as the guy with the errant Bic quickly learned.

and low and behold whada we have here? is that el misterioso gliding on a 9'6" arms raised like Jonathan Livingston Seagull?

for those of you surfing round these northern parts, hope for waves tonight and tomorrow -even if its choppy and crossed up. push ups are no fun if you're not sure when the next waves will come. Oh and one more thing

HAPPY CANADA DAY tomorrow! I give thanks for the opprtunity to live in such a great and amazing place filled with graciously kind people.

today' music: Symarip Skinhead Moonstomp


Gazelle said...

Every short boarder wants to sometimes ride a longboard, even if they won't admit it. This feeling usually occurs when seeing a longboarder with skill having a blast, or when seeing a longboarder getting all the waves 'cuz it's small and dribbly. There should be one (or two) in every quiver - it's our roots!

nm said...

Love the Fred Astaire shot...

Malcolm Johnson said...


happy canada day.

waves, fireworks, beer!