Bush lifts offshore drilling ban

How long can we keep on pretending that we don't need to radically change the way our society currently operates?

If Congress passes the lift on offshore drilling many of us can say goodbye to clean beaches, goodbye to wild life, goodbye to Alaska as a wilderness, goodbye to an already struggling ecosystem. I don't believe for a second that drilling Alaska will bring down the price at the pumps. That's bullshit. And the god damned papers report that oil companies are experiencing higher profits than ever! No shit. Shock and awe for the consumer and Hawaii vacations for the share holders.

We have got to make a change away from fossil fuels and towards more sustainable transportation options. And I'm not talking about bio fuel either. Or maybe we're all just fucked and we'll end up in a scene like Cormack McCarthy's The Road. Some think that it would be better that way.

the original story is here http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7506346.stm

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Gazelle said...

Maybe Bush and Cheney are just a natural progression. They pushed the boundaries in so many areas and succeeded on a lot of levels in getting what they and their corporate cronies wanted. And the American public has laid down and taken most of it passively. There should be riots in the streets but most people are too busy struggling. I think the Bushies knew that and have been exploiting it ever since Dubya was (sort of) elected in 2001.