j-bay with DH

in the latest issue of SBC Surf there's a story about a group of Canadian surfers traveling to South Africa to surf J-Bay. The author talks about how the wave is so fast and powerful that its difficult to surf. Kelly, Occy, Curan -they all make it look easy.

Now hold on put the brakes on. If it's hard for top level surfers in peak shape using dialed-in equipment then what you call this?

Mr Derek Hynd surfing J-Bay with no fins. There's other footage of him at J-Bay in Musica Surfica where the waves are bigger and he's spinning in and out of the tube. DH is in his 50's and has more style and skill than most could ever dream of having.

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tres_arboles said...

Jebus H effing Criminy! Since I am now closer to 50 than 40, only two words actually come to mind when I see shit like that: role model. Thanks for the clip kid.