loggin the leftovers

small kine lines left in Hannah's wake. most were looking for shortboard waves but I was happy to have this little gem to myself for two amazingly beautiful sunset hours. I got out the night before for the head high speeders on the bonzer. today called for different equipment.

there's nothin like long point waves, glassy conditions, and no leash stylee for making you fall in love with surfing all over again

this particular log is not the ideal vessel for navigating on the tip. however, I gots me peepers peeled for a certain yellow resin tinted, egg railed, square tailed piece of fine art, that will surely up tip time.

bottom turn -set the rail

another perfect peeler runnin down the line

a big thanks to my friend Mr. SP for takin the time to shoot a few photos and video. it's not everyday that you're gifted photos of your surf session and this was a fine gift indeed.

Mr. SP has been roaming these waters for a long time and his skill allows him to switch between the short and the long board with equal grace and style. east coast surfers who ride all equipment have the most fun.

thanks SP!


Anonymous said...

Stylish RAS. I'm glad your putting E's board to good use.
Great pics SP.

Anonymous said...



Malcolm Johnson said...

beauties. looks like the wind died from how it was earlier in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Trimmin' is livin'

colleen said...

beautiful. great pictures of some great surf. i miss the atlantic...

Eric said...

Awsomasilty Ras.


nm said...

lovely shots....

Gazelle said...

Looks so fun - always love small well-formed lines on a longboard. Hey, and there's no ice chunks in the lineup.

Jamie Watson said...

Beautiful shots. Looks so peaceful, and the surfing is very stylish too!

Diane said...

Looks like cold fun! Have no idea about the suring vocabulary...but then a picture is worth 1,000 words! Cheers. Diane

Anonymous said...

Looks quad fishable?

Were u not mailing out anti longboarding stickers a while back?


ras said...


definitely fishable but I was feelin the log

oh yeah the stickers

you may love your longboard but I don't