Distrito Federal

made it to the bus station after a long sleepless night. almost left the montreal aiport with a couple of kids from NYC who were rareing to go. turns out both of them were on a permanent trip back across the border for unknown to me activities. almost got in the cab and decided against it at the last minute -my witts around me for a change. no gonzo adventures. woke up with a start as the plane started boarding at 7am.

Mexico is a lovely place. And Mexicans are a loving people -clearly evident to me as I watch families come and go as I wait out my seven hour stay in DF. mothers and fathers are cuddly with their young uns and even with their teenagers. saw a couple in their 70s kissing in the middle of the floor with all the comotion around them non-existent. it is good to see people loving each other. and I will see B in not too long now. more time.

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colleen said...

beautiful place, beautiful people. wish i was there, my son's grandmother on his dad's side is mexican. soon enough we will go again... now, happy to be here in the us for this historical election. my fingers are crossed.
have a great trip!