jody brooks - rest brejren rest

Dis one goes out to my brejren Jody. Rest in Peace. I remember your easy style. I remember crazy times too –offroading in the government truck in New Kingston. big heads on my porch in Mandeville. I remember your smile and grace. I remember that everyone loved you then as now. maybe it was charisma. maybe you jus lived an I life. I remember you last in PDX, purple snake skin shoes and still flowin. you got us expelled from that spot and then the night continued. I remember north coast roaming and south coast relaxing. don't wanna imagine the legions of pickeney that remember you in Kingston, Japan, Atlanta –your brejren dem in Oregon and beyond. You’ll be missed no doubt. when I knew you you lived fully and I’m sure fully you lived ‘till the end. respec and walk good me frien.

more time.

dennis brown - no man is an island

each man has a friend

garnet silk -lion heart

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Anonymous said...

Sad times man, listen to the good riddims to get your head right. -push