me me me

happy birthday to I. tirty tree today. been a rough week without my B and trying to make the best of it. some photos from the other day. last wave of the second three-hour session for that day. arms tired but head in the right place.

thanks to DTC for the rad photos.


Marina said...

Happy Birthday brother!

Anonymous said...

Right on Ras! Much aloha to you, brudda.

tres_arboles said...

Ohhhhh, you surf? I get it now! Happy day, kid.


Eric said...

happy birthday Ras. That second photo is right cool!!! Have a good one.

Jason said...

Happy Birthday brotha! Those are some bad ass pics.

nm said...

Sweet pics!

Happy Birthday....young'un.

colleen said...

cool B&W pictures. happy birthday to you-have a great year!