Some of you may have noticed the poll to the right for best surf blog. These are my favourite's by far -and there are tons by the way. For me it's a pretty even race between all of these but Pushingtide is a consistently good one. And so is Surf in Oregon, the undisputed winner. Doc over at Surf in Oregon is funny, witty, and irreverent. He also has some rad T's for sale if you scroll down his page.

and in other news... most of you probably already know that Kelly won his 9th world title yesterday. For all those guys bitching about Kelly winning too much -they need to surf better. Bottom line. Kelly is the oldest guy on tour (wait that may be Knox)but he is super fit, flexible and takes his work seriously. There's no performance enhancement here boys and girls, just sharp senses and sharper skills. Congratulations Kelly. One of these days after you've been retired for a while people will look back and see how good you really are.

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pushingtide said...

Phoresia shoulda won!