cold bike rides

The bike commute over the past few months has been mostly uneventful. Don’t get me wrong though, the burning morning skies are still breathtaking. Feeling the change of seasons on a daily basis helps to keep me connected to planet earth as I spend most of my waking time in an office.

Today the ride was a bit brutal due to minus 10 C. air temps. I could feel the moisture from my labored breathing settling on my beard and moustache and quickly solidifying into ice. My fingertips hurt like someone was sticking needles into them. Aside from that I had to be careful for black ice –easily identifiable this morning as the road is stained bone white by salting. But at just three miles my ride is short and easy and I was soon warm again.

I love riding my bike and sometimes I forget because it’s a daily occurrence. As I’ve said before, I have these bones and tendons and muscle and I aim to use ‘em.

I snagged this photo from flickr to show what the first day of the year looked like around here. the storm started new year's eve around 8 PM and ended about the same time new year's day. I shoveled multiple times and enjoyed the peace and quiet of a snowy day with B and Peta.

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Jamie Watson said...

"...I have these bones and tendons and muscle and I aim to use ‘em."

I love that!!