it's now a few days into the new calender year. the mighty 2009. or perhaps it's a bit deflated with the economy and all. over the past couple of years I've used this space for exploring my ruminations by writing them down. sometimes I've commented on global issues and other times on popular culture. much of the content here has been about surfing and I've even tried my hand at a few poems and short stories.

is there a point to it all?

this question seems to be a recurring theme to me. what is the point of anything -any endeavour, relationship , activity, life? I cannot answer that question here. nor do I intend to try. I have noticed over time however that there are certain aspects of life that make me feel better or worse. a hangover often brings with it much more than a headache. after overindulging I always feel guilt and remorse -emotions which go far in increasing my cynicism. on the other hand, when I sleep and eat well and surf a lot I feel a peace both in my always racing mind as well as between my shoulders and in the pit of my stomach.

so it's simple you see. follow one path to feel wretched or another to feel peace. it's the simplest logic and yet paradoxical.

I tend to shy from our standard holidays and annual markers. we are told that the new year brings with it new opportunity. but each morning of our lives brings with it the same opportunities. every day that I'm alive is a day that I can choose.