Anonymous said...

is it that simple, really?

how about "end the missile attacks"? or "end the policy of declared destruction of israel"?

i'm not an apologist for aggression, nor some kind of zionist, but really, that seems like a pretty simple viewpoint. the civilian casualties and suffering is atrocious, but... do you support hamas and their tactics?

it's a two way street, no?

ras said...

dear anon

the only thing I can say is that it is simple. Palestine is poor, all they have (had) is their land. Israel is rich beyond belief. compare the deaths on either side and tell me that it's a two way street.

I fucking detest religion as it's to blame for many of the ongoing wars in our world today.

it is that simple. Israel should stop the occupation and once and for all put an end to the violence. most of the Palestinians who are dying as I write this are not the militants. yet they are dying by the hundreds. I can't understand how you or anyone can justify Israel's current camping.

thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...


thanks for the reply and also the followup blog post. i agree completely that religion is to blame for this. it's so sad and ironic that something that starts out as a spiritual endeavor turns into a way to spew hatred and selfishness.

i like the blog very much - love the surf and music posts. i think we agree more than not:

yes, the poor and meek take the brunt of the pain and suffering, the rich and powerful stand back and make these decisions using "-isms and -scisms".

keep up the good work,


ras said...

thanks for the reply Mark. I hope that I didn't out you off with the reply -it's just that I'm at a loss with so much violence