shakas, aloha and the responsibility of the I(ndividual)

the shaka sign is often used to symbolize the spirit of Aloha. "Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, love, peace, compassion and mercy."

as for the new American president I think it can be said that he brings a lot of hope and intelligence to government. but let us not forget those famous words from JFK "ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." and what is it that WE can do?

-reconsider our personal relationship to wealth and things. for it is our hunger for consumption which is in no small part responsible for inequity around the world as we gather others resources either with small dollars or by force when necessary.

-reconsider our personal relationships to "happiness" and health. for hapiness is not found in fast and "convenient" foods and hundreds of TV channels but rather in the feelings of self reliance and strong body which in turn feeds our mental health.

-and our personal relationship to social responsibility at home and abroad. let us not stand aside and watch as the genocide continues in Darfur. let us demand the end to the unjust occupation and war on Iraq. let us not let our own people suffer from poor health by allowing corporations to feed them rubbish while maintaining medical care out the financial reach of most. let us make our own things again and re-establish our traditions of craftsmanship and ingenuity. let us think for ourselves and use our voices.


tres_arboles said...

Nice post. Great photo. Last summer I might have thought it a photoshop, like I did the body surf pictures, at first. But time has revealed this guy to be somehow more "real" than the model leader of the past. Certainly more comfortable in his own skin and with his own counsel.

Although I haven't quite gotten to the point of introspection motivated by his election and words yet, I think you're onto a simple theme that everyone can take up under the mantle of the "new" personal responsibility. I'd like to see the international business community put those ideals into action, first.

In the mesne time, take care and stay warm.


colleen said...

Well said, I totally agree. We need to take responsibility, show compassion, get active and involved and be less self involved. I am inspired and hopeful but fully recognize that making things better for all is not in the hands only of the leaders, but in my hands, too.
As the parent of a 14 yo boy I feel challenged to help him understand this. It is a crazy self indulged world, and that is the seductive message of the media.
But I refuse to give in to that and will continue to model and work to help him see a different way.