my quiver has changed and morphed quite a bit over the past two years. when I started this page I had two Neilson's. now I have one remaining and in between that two more. not because I don't love Tom's shapes but because it's hard to get them up here in Canada without spending a ton of dough on shipping, especially for a log. probably the number one reason that my boards have changed over time is the fact that I've improved a bit. here's my first quiver shot form 2006. and here's one from last summer.

first up is the Rocky McKinnon log. dims are 9'6" x 23" x 3". single fin, t-band stringer and heavy heavy glass. so far I've surfed this baby cordless only and plan to keep it that way. It's the best longboard I've ever had and really digging it on the perfect little point waves here.

below is my shortboard and most used sled. I went from a 6'4" EPS Neilson FFF to a 5'8" x 2'5" Tim Stamps quad fish. although the green machine was rad, ultimately it was too buoyant for my weight and I couldn't sink the rail on turns. I stepped down to the 5'8" quad and it's been steadily improving my surfing. this beasty flies, especially going backside. surfed it from thigh high to way overhead and never felt life it wouldn't work -my magic board.

finally the mini-gun -made in 2003 specifically for Oregon from a green Clark blank, with a deep single concave and it's about 2.5 inches thick. I rarely use it and haven't used it now in over a year and really for the waves I frequent it's not necessary. B did the stencil and art direction so we keep it around as an artifact/art piece.

there was an interesting article written by my mate D$ on Phoresia.org a little while back about having a two board quiver. I've been surfing on and off now since around 1994. at first I floundered on a 6'4" Quiet Flight for a couple of months and then bought my first longboard. my surfing evolved from years of skateboarding and from riding longboards. I ride mostly off my front foot, with a narrow stance and basically just like to go fast. surfing helps to keep the type II belt around my waist to a minimum. and the two board quiver allows me the freedom to not have to struggle with what board to surf and just go out and surf with no doubts. as long as surfing is fun I'm on it.


pushingtide said...

Nice fish.

Surf Fanatic said...

Reminds me a lot of this Zap fish skimboard I used to ride.