scary fast in the alpenrose velodrome

I rode the Alpenrose velodrome once with my friend T-Bone. We were newly arrived in PDX and we knew that one of the few outdoor velodromes in the US was but a short drive from downtown. Alpenrose is made out of concrete and I think it's one of the steepest tracks around. the day we rode it there was no one around but us. the track was a little moist. I got clipped in first and started down the straightaway. as soon as I hit the first bank I got nervy and drifted down to the flats without making it around. I was deflated and surprised at how intimidating it was.

of course T is and always has been ruthless. he's also got legs like Christmas hams. he hammered down the straight and went into the first bank with plenty of speed. as the bank curved he climbed higher and higher up the wall, his body almost perpendicular to the ground 8 feet below. after T's feat I had to commit. speed is the key and an even spin. fixed is a must as your cadence has to be smooth. my heart in my throat I charged again through the first turn and tried not to think about slamming. I made it around but not very high up. still the feeling was great. I realized two things by the end of our one hour trip the velodrome. I was in shit shape and it's much harder than it looks. you also need a bigger gear than you would use on the street. I wish we had one in Halifax.

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