new hampshire beach break

B and I drove for 10 hours yesterday and arrived at our friends house just as the tide was going low. I suited up quickly and grabbed my fish and ran the two blocks to the beach. I had not surfed a beach break since New York last fall. the waves were small and a little weak but two or three turned out to be fun. I'm not one to complain about rideable surf. it was fun to be in slightly warmer water and to surf with no leash without fearing the rocky shores like back home.

I walked down this morning at sunrise hoping that there may still be a small pulse left. no luck. but I did find this nice video clip for ya. not sure what the soundtrack is but it sounds like Orange 9mm.

Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables from Surf Craft Media on Vimeo.


lawless said...

Nice. Classic, to arrive and suit up and head out for a session.

The music in that video is Fugazi, betta recognize son.

Went out kiteboarding last night, was lit up as the wind picked up from 15 to 20 while I was out.

Mikey's film premiere is tonight. Stoked on that. More kiteboarding after work too hopefully.

Grab some pics of NH if you can. Never been there.

Gaz said...

Nice vid! Cool header too......

Malcolm Johnson said...

nice Ras. hope you guys have a great trip.

Foulweather... said...

Like Lawless said...


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