bike ninja vs. mr. perfect bicycle commuter man

over the last few weeks there's been an increase in bike commuters on my daily route. it's expected in spring just as there are more surfers in the water. there's one guy in particular, a middle-aged man astride a shiny new sporty street bike with flat bar and disk brakes, one of those homogeneous jobbies from one the big three bike companies. anyways, today he called me out for my swiftness at charging the yellow. I could hear him behind me, scolding in "that is ridiculous" kinda tone.

so what did I say? nothing. I just sped off on my merry way as I do every day. been communing to work by bike since 2005 when we lived in PDX. my friend Drew in PDX, originally from D.C., had always commuted and had been hit by cars twice -neither time his fault and accidents quite serious. Drew never followed the "traffic laws" on his bike.

let's face it. laws that state that cyclist should obey the same rules as motor vehicles are absurd. cyclists cannot accelerate like a motored metal box therefore they can be overrun, especially on narrow streets. a bicycle weighs nothing compared to even a small car or motorcycle so accidents caused by cyclists tend to cause little harm. and most obvious of all a bike is NOT a motor vehicle and should not be treated as such.

I know if I'm self righteous. why else have a blog? but I also value self preservation, especially in a city like Halifax where the driving public hates cyclists. so the new commuter on his shiny bike can kiss my ass, I'd rather be a bike ninja than a cripple.


Foulweather... said...
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Foulweather... said...

I'm always torn between obeying the law (which as you state is inane in its autocentricity) or just keeping myself alive and flowing.

I hit a car last week as a matter of fact. Made me feel good to be alive, though... wham... blood and a slap to the face, reminding me that right now, I'm still flesh and bones.

nm said...

I used to walk everywhere....when i first moved to pdx in '91. i lived in nw...had a car...but WALKED everywhere. downtown. psu. eastside. made me a much better/more aware city driver.

i really want to bike to work...but knowing how bad most drivers are in this town....scares the shit out of me.

Anonymous said...

PDX is by far the most biker friendly city I have ever lived in. It's ridiculously easy and safe to ride in. I've lived in small towns 1/8th the size that have been more dangerous. That said it is also the most hyper sensitive and people often think it thier job to enforce the rules themselves or at last voice thier opinion. For some reason this drives me mad! Let the cops do their job and don’t try to be some biker vigilant. So I am totally with you on this post and it drives me mad when people call me out on the rules. My take is MYOFB. If you want to break the rules or use your own judgment, that should be up to you. After all its your own well being at stake.