fires are done. some folks lost homes. sad yes it's true. luckily most who lost homes were the city's rich and elite. they can rebuild. one guy on the news almost started crying over the loss of his 6000 square foot home. waaa.

surfed saturday and sunday with Blacks. nothin epic but a blast nonetheless and my shoulders and back feel like I got a work out.

if you've taken a few waves on the head then you must certainly know what this green bandit is in for. the wave is California's infamous Wedge. click on the photo for the full 100.

"scrub it kook."

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Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, so because the guy has enough money to buy a 6000 sqft house means that he wouldn't feel the lose like someone with a more moderate income?
I don't think that's fair to say. What if that guy busted his ass for every penny that that house cost? He still lost memories, and valuables that may be irreplaceable,,, regardless of his income.