me no wan no rub a dub is only backshot me love

my evil friend surprised me with this photo he snapped sometime this past winter somewhere in Nova Scotia. my backhand has improved since moving to the land of rights three years ago.

the photo is kinda funny -looks like I'm holdin on to a ski rope.

"me no wan no rub a dub is only backshot me love" Lady Saw and Spragga Benz


tres_arboles said...

You don't look so bad; knees bent, hips centered, leading arm down below your center of force. Be pleased you have shots of you surfing at all. My wife has tried to shoot me surfing and always seems to capture me one foot behind the nose (if logging) or way out on the shoulder right before a huge gouging cutback. I'm so happy she has the patience to try, but I still have never really seen myself "surfing."

Gaz said...

Nice pic