Lawmang's wisdom

when trying to decide whether to head out or not D$ says to me,

"onshore is the new offshore. get out there."

life is great when you keep it simple

good relationships

good food

wholeheartedly immersing yourself into your passions


Eric said...

onshore is the new offshore in these parts...but gotdam, sure haven't seen any in well over a month. if only.

lawless said...

Just trying to keep you in top form for Christmas-time. Those points are spoiling you. Onshore chop for me yesterday as well, but beats the hell out of working.

Winds offshore right now, but the tide is high. Why must god smite me like this?

Patch said...

Yeah, sometimes going out when nothing great is expected springs a little surprise on you and the session turns out to be pretty decent after all.

Blessings and aloha.

Malcolm Johnson said...

wise words! someone was saying that to me on a surf check in tofino a while back. it was blowing southwest, onshore everywhere. waves are waves. fun is where you find it.

colleen said...

Thanks for the reminders!