cholos + heavy metal

high school flashbacks ese

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tres_arboles said...

Hah. Interesting period for the development of an authentic American punk scene. The kids in LA weren't half bad (X, Germs, BF, Social D) but they wanted their own identity. The Brit punk style was already well established and losing its "shock" value (for which it was originally developed) in UK and the states. In fact, elements of brit punk fashion had already made it onto the racks at Bloomingdales and Nordy's by the early '80's.

So what's a disaffected american punk kid in 1982 supposed to do? Create a new but equally shocking look to piss off middle-class, suburban parents? Uh-uh. They looked no further than a few miles east to the images that initidated them the most, and coopted the latin gang look. And for a while it made them initimidating too. Now, it just looks sorta chump. But the music never wears thin!

A la playa, vamonos.