diy IPA & heirlooms

my sweetest B got me a beer kit for my birthday. here is the first batch. it's an IPA and all the measurements before and after were good. tasted right too. two to three weeks in the bottle for the final sugars to give it some fizz and its testing time.

second fermentation at a steady 67F.


final racking

puttin a cap on 'em

and today we picked our tomatoes. a cold north wind has been blowing for several days and the nightly temperatures are getting really low. we'll put this batch in the basement to see if they rippen. a big thanks to the man with my same name and birthdate for sprouting these beautiful heirlooms tomatoes. thanks Blacks for kickin down a few starts. sorry the summer was so foggy out your way eh.


walrus said...

Nice.. nothing finer than sipping your own brew..

pranaglider said...


Danimal said...

Congrats on your first brew!

I have been slacking lately and I haven't had anything fermenting for far too long.

Anonymous said...


Reminds me of the time we made wine with grape juice and had to stash it above the shower so the parents wouldn't find it