winter cycling

frosty mornings now. temperatures still hover around freezing in the morning and then rise with the warming sun. but soon that will change. snow and ice will come as it does at the end of each year. I never fear the weather on the commute. more so the drivers who fear the weather on their morning drives and second guess themselves with timid brakes and gas pedals and jerky steering. still sometimes when I look out the window and it's icy and minus ten I get a little tinge of regret about suiting up for the morning commute.

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tres_arboles said...

F#cker. Last time you posted Yehuda, I wasted half a day reading through the backstrips from the beginning. I never caught up.

lawless said...

I'd have much less trepidation about gearing up to go ride than I would about suiting up to go surf in that cold-ass water.

Anonymous said...

Something is missing from this blog= not sure what but it seems different than yesterday. hhhmmmmmmmmm.