uh huh

"well, well, well mister. you find yerself sittin behind a new desk, a bigger screen, a window. and a wha? a who?"

uh huh.

swells are marchin into the headland that I like best. I know it.

haven’t seen it.

bike rides in blowing snow. late to work on the first week. looks of surprise on co-workers faces. different culture.

I’m older than most and yet younger. less conservative perhaps? more active? more immature? all of the above?

dubcasts keep me sane and in the right riddim ‘n vibes.

got a a vampire story brewin in my head. but not bat vampires. more like blood drinkers –like the old time boys in Papua New Guinea who’d drink the blood of their enemies for strength. got the story marinatin in my head –post no-pocalypse type shit if you get my drift.

what else?
being a dad is rad.

need to start running again. next week on lunch breaks will do fine.

I need to feel these bones and muscles and tendons of mine movin and flexin or otherwise just give up and join the zombie crowds in zombie land.

we do live in our dreams you know. but dreams need not have concrete physical boundaries. we can live and play and dream in sleep and awake states. just ignore the rubbish, the sounds of zombies telling you how it is and should be and just do a thing.

i’m out.


tres_arboles said...

Nice Friday post, kid. Of course being a dad rules! Thanks for the link to the dublog. Keep being yourself and have a good weekend.

word ver=chrac (aka the sound breaking waves makes when there's no wind).

lawless said...

Nice. Went for a skate at lunch and bombed the little hill down to the river, just to get out and move.

Anonymous said...



Jamie Watson said...

I like it!!

Anonymous said...

You're losing it dude

Eric said...

this resonates well.

Eef said...

thanks for the dubcast link! And being a dad is rad indeed.