random shit

the other day chillin at the shop with JB he says to me "man how come you never reply when I comment on your shit?"

I says to him "I dunno."

then he says "your shit is so serious on the blog but when you come in here it's nothin but jokes."

an I says, "I'm really happy for you, 'n Imma let you finish.. but breakin down the absurd is some serious business -most serious of all time. all TIME!"

so then I get to thinking about other shit that has nothin to do with the above shit and I remember this dude I surfed with a few times in Oregon. I'll call him X -si me entiendes. X was from Puerto Vallarta and surfed better standing than me and you combined. prolly the reason we clicked was speaking spanish. X was punk, an I don't mean mall punk. straight edge too.

X chose to ride a body board cause he thought stand up surf culture was whack. and in many ways I agree. I lost track of the elusive X but a quick search found him shredding Rockaway barrells upon his prone time travel vehicle. I reckon there's no better place for someone like mister X than Gotham city.

and thanks to Pete for sendin me a link the best record I've had inna while. download it for free. just go to your favourite search engine and type Mos Dub.

if you are in Canada -the new SBC Surf magazine should be hitting news stands soon. check for an editorial by your serious business blogger man. seen.


Foulweather... said...

Nice to see X getting slotted. Man, that guy gets around.

lawless said...

Online personas are a funny thing.

Sarcasm doesn't translate well on the Internets, so serious is as serious does.

That B-Boys remix is seriously tight as well.

Stussy's blog is killing it.

Is X the guy that worked at the shop?

Rick said...

X is an interesting character. we had some long talks about culture as it related to our cross cultural backgrounds -bridging the gap between Latin America and North.

Lawless -yeah that's the same dude. got me the hook on my first real winter wetsuit when I was moving to Canada.